Nightly Spiritual Quote #348 Mooji

I am opening the door to true understanding and direct experience for you.

You have to come out of all delusion and the biggest one is: I am the body and person. I am the ‘thinker’ of thoughts and the ‘doer’ of actions. I am giver and receiver.

Such delusions must vanish.

But we cannot just somehow snap a finger and you come out of delusion—even if you say it is all you really, really want.
But you have said ‘Yes’ to Truth even though, at present, it is not firmly established in your Heart. This ‘Yes’ is opening doors. Something is being refined by Grace in order that Truth gets established in the Heart. There is a space there, an unshared space.

Two kings cannot sit on one throne.

You don’t have to be a perfect sage but you have to want the Truth perfectly. Something perfect and infinite is here. And I cannot say what it is, for it is wordless. But work is going on in every Heart to prepare for It’s coming.

Everyone has to be touched by the spirit of John the Baptist. Who is this John? He is the one who goes ahead to prepare each Heart for the coming of the Holy One.



Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


2 comments on “Nightly Spiritual Quote #348 Mooji

  1. hgamma says:

    the soul and the spirit
    are in us
    not out there
    the reality of the soul
    deserves the attention
    in each
    until the last breath
    every moment

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