Rosicrucian Reflections #147

“It is a metaphysical fact that for each minute of time we spend in thoughts of unfavorable impressions, unkind criticism, or hate toward any person, there will be hours of physical and mental suffering as a reaction. The first thing to do, then, in considering the relief of any mental or physical condition is to analyze your mental self over a period of time preceding the condition and discover what thoughts, attitudes, and conditions of mind you have held or expressed, and immediately eliminate this attitude by reversing your opinions, thoughts, and holding thoughts of love and kindness instead. In other words, the poison from the mind that has been eating at the very heart of every cell in your body must be eliminated before any treatment can be given to relieve the ultimate and outer manifestations. Any other process is merely treating the outer manifestations as though giving them a drug to nullify the senses without removing the actual cause.” H. Spencer Lewis


May God bless and protect you

Seth Kelly Curtis

One comment on “Rosicrucian Reflections #147

  1. hgamma says:

    The philosophical discipline or doctrine that deals with what lies behind the sensual, natural world, the ultimate causes and connections of being, is an idea that contradicts the fact of the reality of the soul.

    The soul the spirit is within us, not out there.
    Any moment in subjective identity when, whether we like it or not, we are reminded by thoughts of unfavorable impressions, unkind criticism, or hatred from another person,
    ourselves, our willingness to hate, our aversion to others, we have to accept it as a personal event in our world of experience.
    Become aware of this so as not to overwhelm the others.

    Nobody is without guilt, towards himself and the others.
    The soul in the body unit is the foundation for insight into oneself and the world.

    The world of the philosophers and the spiritual. You want to force the soul into its self-imposed framework with your teaching and in your dogmatics, even though it is not comprehensible.

    The soul itself heals the imbalance caused by illness, oppression by others, and one’s own corruption.

    The soul is the basis of the being of life itself.

    The first thing we must do is accept what we cannot change in the entanglements of the world.

    The location of a spirit self is left to those who are familiar with it for themselves.

    It is up to them to act to consider alleviating a mental or physical condition; as if the soul were the cause of suffering and sickness.

    You want to analyze a self-invented mental self over a period of time before the condition, the illness, to find out what moves people in everything.

    In the world of ideas, the attitudes are diverse in every person and cannot be reduced to a common denominator, nor can they be transferred to others.

    Every human is unique.

    What people today represent with certainty, they have to reconsider every day and perhaps change with new insight.

    Man cannot and must not make himself a higher authority over others.
    In a legitimacy to convert others as an authority, people follow his convictions to force him.

    The commandment of love means the union of opposites.
    Opposites are the interplay since man has had a consciousness that shows itself in it; by not being able to rely on the impulse, but having to decide for the better before the act.

    The spirit is not the poison.
    The poisonous thing is that the powerful take the world and that of the weak for themselves, for their enjoyment and profit, to make their serfs, trying to subdue the world.

    Every cell can think, it carries its information to the central nervous system, from where the brain creates an image of the inner world of the outer world at any moment.

    The process described by the metaphysicians treats man only from the point that he could administer his medicine for recovery through the phenomenology of the observable external manifestations, to a finding.

    In order to invasively dominate the soul’s reality, nullify it, render it harmless.

    Life remains a mystery. Without us, as living creatures, ever being able to grasp the actual cause that led to the creaturely with autonomous reason, making it comprehensible.

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