Nightly Spiritual Quote #347 Science of Mind

“The purpose of education should ultimately be the advancement of the species. And for this to actually happen, the world needs the kind of education by means of which character is formed, strength of the mind is increased and the human intellect is expanded beyond its own limits.”
― Abhijit Naskar


Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


2 comments on “Nightly Spiritual Quote #347 Science of Mind

  1. Thank you for sharing, Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. hgamma says:

    Life itself wants to give life further.
    Education in pedagogy and agogics wants to measure people, to tailor their nature in such a way that they fit into a set norm, into a framework, so that they correspond to a fixed virtue.
    The world is the environment and the cosmos itself, from which we are all made of the same stuff,
    are made of stardust.
    In this respect, the world needs no instruction from us.

    Fast thinking, autonomous reason, has brought us into the climate catastrophe with the race to catch up.
    Man would do well to be modest in everything.

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