Nightly Spiritual Quote #344 Biocentrism

“But perhaps we can grant that something happens when the thinking mind takes a vacation. Absence of verbal thought or day-dreaming clearly doesn’t mean torpor and vacuity. Rather, it’s as if the seat of consciousness escapes from its jumpy, nervous, verbal isolation cell and takes residence in some other section of the theater, where the lights shine more brightly and where things feel more direct, more real. On what street is this theater found? Where are the sensations of life?”
― Robert Lanza, Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe


Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


One comment on “Nightly Spiritual Quote #344 Biocentrism

  1. hgamma says:

    Die Unruhe im Bewusstsein bleibt, am hellen Tag, wo das Licht das Dunkel verdrängt, im Traum, wo das Drama der Seele dem Menschen seine Offenbarung macht.

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