The Wisdom of Robert Adams #36

All of the great Sages since the beginning of time have taught basically three direct methods for self-realization.
These three methods I’m going to share are the highest teachings on earth.
If you only practice these things you would need nothing else and
we will awaken and become free which we already are anyway but
you don’t believe it. It behooves us to practice these three methods.

The “first” principle is being in the acquaintance of Sages in satsang.
This is the highest teaching you can get.

The “second” direct method is self-inquiry.
Self-inquiry is very important also.
But Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharshi and other great Sages, Shankara, many Sages, manySaints, have emphasized the importance of
self-inquiry, atma-vichara. It’s very easy to do.
You should practice all day and all night.
Especially if you’ve found a Sage

The “third” direct method is self surrender.
You can do all three of these things simultaneously you know.
You can be with a Sage, practice self-inquiry and also surrender.
This is what a true devotee does. They do all three.
Without even knowing that they’re doing them.

Talk 212: Three Direct Methods – 27th December, 1992


May God bless and protect you

Seth Kelly Curtis


One comment on “The Wisdom of Robert Adams #36

  1. hgamma says:

    The Teaching of the Soul
    through creation
    a dream
    for new insight
    by the dreamer
    is not the author himself

    of truth becomes
    in being together
    more through that
    tongue sieve the
    spiritual before
    all the the
    men veiled

    the self-invented god
    generates no pity
    who don’t want to believe in him
    everything is granted to the gods
    to be a transcendent being
    omniscient full of bliss

    the soul the spirit
    is in us
    not out there

    a balanced one
    to find spirit
    is the daily work
    every human

    the law
    of indivisible human dignity
    applies to all of us
    to obey him
    forbid hatred
    the anger and the greed
    the self-importance
    of toxic people
    the destruction of all foundations
    like the climate catastrophe
    it shows us

    I have no self
    it’s not mine
    my I
    my life is a gift

    my unconscious
    is like the ocean of the cosmos
    dark in its breadth and depth

    like myself
    never quite in the microcosm
    even if I do my deeds and misdeeds
    check daily
    me to the bottom of my being
    can never be fully realized

    I need to know
    what my left hand wants
    and with the right hand
    try the better

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