Nightly Spiritual Quote #293 New Thought

“Let us keep in mind that we do not have to go to the scriptures in order to approach God. We do not have to find the right scripture in order to talk to God”.”
― Thurman L Faison, To The Spiritually Inclined


Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


Essene Meditations and Blessings #140


The richness of my Mother’s garden

Surrounds me on this morning.

The nature forces toil unendingly

For me,

And I am blessed.

The elemental kingdom,

Which guides and nurtures the plants and trees,

Is yet another manifestation

Of my Mother’s love for me.

And I,

Within my kingdom,

What do I guide and nourish,

As I return the gifts of love?

The Blessing

The food upon my table

Shares its life with me.

I ask that this life nourish me,

As I shall one day nourish the earth

With my body

And as I now nourish the earth

With my love.

-Danaan Parry


Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis