The Wisdom of Robert Adams #18

Robert Adams :
Even as I talk to you, look at all these thoughts that are going through your mind. Why do you allow them to control you? Why? It only hurts you, nobody else. Only the thinker suffers.
Of course, it’s difficult to stop thinking, but by asking the question, “To whom do these thoughts come?” your mind begins to slow down and finally merges in your heart, and then you are no longer controlled by the mind. You are no longer controlled by anything. Your individuality will merge into the infinite, and you will become free.

Student: Robert, how is it that these little subtle thoughts have the power to obstruct?

Robert: They don’t, because your thoughts do not exist. How can they have power? Only the real has power, and what is real is consciousness, absolute reality, total awareness. Thoughts have no power. They appear to have power. You have given them the power.

You yourself have given your thoughts power by believing in them, by worshiping them, by doing what they command.
Your thoughts tell you to go kill, you go kill. They say, “Go scream,” you go scream, “Go be belligerent,” you go and become belligerent. You are controlled by your thoughts.

But the wise person will stop, and think, and look within and ask, “To whom do these thoughts come? Where do they come from?” Find out and you will realize they never existed to begin with. It’s all an optical illusion.

Just like the rope and the snake you’ve all heard about. You think a rope is a snake because it’s dark and you can’t see, but once you find out the truth, that it’s only a rope, you will never be fooled again. You will never be afraid again. So the thought’s like the rope and the snake. They have no power, but you fear your thoughts, therefore you give them power. Once you realize they are non-entities, they are nothing, then you become yourself, and you’re free.

~ The Collected Works of Robert Adams Volume 1


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Seth Kelly Curtis