Nightly Spiritual Quote #183 Mooji

The truth is always here
but you are too complex
and too distracted to see it.

So you will have to walk
all over the universe to
come back to find it right
under your nose.

This is the paradox of existence.

It is always you,
it has always been you
but you think it is something else.

It is you but it is not the you
that you would like to be or
that you think you are,
it is the true You.



Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis

Spiritual Teachings #45 Rishi-Sufi

Remembering the Beloved

from Lalla to Nuruddin by Jaishree K. Odin

Heart is a fish: don’t leave it dry.

Irrigate it with the remembrance of God:

It will flourish then.

This self is a jewel: don’t lose it.

Lord is the Beloved:

He will thus be pleased.

     Through remembering God, the seeker focuses on the life-giving traits to illuminate the consciousness. The preoccupation with material reality is equivalent to associating with ignorance and darkness as true existence only belongs to God. Offering prayers regularly with sincerity opens up the heart, purifies the soul, and transforms one’s thoughts and actions. The negative thoughts are thus eliminated and the focus shifted to the positive thoughts. Only then do the seeds blossom into noble traits that manifest as compassion, love, caring, and selflessness, among others.


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis