The Wisdom of Robert Adams #8

Do not concern yourself whether you’re going to do anything wrong or right. You are just one of the many actors on the stage of life. Everybody has come here to play a role, so-to-speak. Some people have to be the good guys, some people have to be the bad guys. This is the reason we never judge anybody. This is the reason you should never call anybody evil or bad. It is really a role that they’re playing. And a person on the path of Jnana does not judge anybody or anything. They leave everything alone. They observe it, they watch it. Come to no conclusions. Good and bad is out of their vocabulary. Right and wrong has been transcended. This happens before you become fully enlightened.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in this whole universe least of all yourself. You no longer worry about yourself. For even though you still feel you are a piece of the body you understand that there is a grand bliss, a joy, an absolute reality that you can call God that takes care of you completely and totally when you surrender completely and totally to the source.
So you see you do not have to look after your life. You do not have to watch what you eat or watch where you go or watch what you do. For whatever you eat, wherever you go, whatever you do is the right thing for you at the moment. It is where you’re supposed to be. You are where you’re supposed to reap. Everything is in its right place. If you learn to have faith like this you will grow. But if you keep believing I am the doer and I have to make things happen, otherwise nothing will happen and I will fall apart, then you will be making things happen all of your life. There will always be something to make happen. It will never end. Yet this is also your role that you have to play here on this earth. This is the destiny that’s yours. To do what you’re doing right now.
So, the person who understands what I’m saying does not consider the question any more, “Is the world real or false?” Remember if you have to ask that question, then the world is real and you have to act accordingly.
In the same instance that person does not ask the question, “Is everything preordained?” For remember for whom are things preordained? Only for the ajnani, for the ignorant one.
The only freedom you’ve got is to turn within and not react to anything. This is your freedom, your total and complete freedom. And that is really a lot of freedom if you think about it. You can really see that you’re free, to that extent.
In other words whatever befalls you, you do not become upset, hurtable, angry, you merely observe it and watch it and you realize that is your stuff that you’ve got to get rid of. That is your stuff you have to go through. It makes no difference how deeply you’re suffering, if you’re suffering or how happy you are, if you’re happy. If you’re sick or healthy or you’re poor or rich. If you are married or single. If you are living in a hut or a mansion.
These things are irrelevant. For what is relevant is your reaction to these things.
The person who does not react grows spiritually and becomes Master of the world, so-to-speak.


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis