Nightly Spiritual Quote #117 Alan Watts

Really, the fundamental, ultimate mystery — the only thing you need to know to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets — is this: that for every outside there is an inside and for every inside there is an outside, and although they are different, they go together.

Alan Watts

Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


Weekly Meditation #114

The Power of The Word

The word is a mighty power, and that word is in me and through me now. My word is one with the All Good and cannot fail to accomplish the desired ends. My word goes forth with power to everything that I do, say or think. The word is my power by day and by night. I speak the word and trust in the great law of life to fulfill it. I speak the word in full confidence.

-Ernest Holmes

May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis