Nightly Spiritual Quote #92 Mooji

May all who come
here in search of Truth,
and whose hearts and minds
beat only to discover the real,
awaken to the full realisation
of the imperishable Self
inside their hearts and
be timelessly happy and content.
Know that the true heart
and the illumined mind are one.
God and Truth are similarly one.
Know and acknowledge this
with your entire being.
Go in peace.
And may all those who meet you
along the way be so touched
and inspired by your light,
your loving kindness and compassion,
your wisdom and silent presence,
that they are compelled to search
within themselves to discover that
which they see in you,
and so find everlasting freedom.
For blessed is the one
whose life is the evidence of Truth.
May the power of Truth prevail
in all its glory and perfection
in the hearts of those
who love and honour
the Supreme Being.
This is my heart’s blessing for you,
that you will always recognise
the ever-present Grace
that is your heart’s divine activity.
And may your presence be
a true introduction to the face,
light and love of the living God.

Amen Om



Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


Spiritual Teachings #32 Buddhism

Having been born, we attach importance to the passing days, months and years; we believe in the importance of our lives and the lives of others. For that reason, our minds are constantly concerned with pain and suffering.

Don’t doubt the value of meditation or under- estimate your abilities. Be content with whatever progress you make because it reflects a part of the truth you are seeking. As such, it is something you can rely on.

Cultivate your mind, as a farmer cultivates his fields. Gradually clear the land; prepare the soil; plough the rows; sow the seeds; spread the manure; water the plants and pull the weeds. Eventually, you’ll reap a golden harvest.

Your body, your mind, your life — these don’t belong to you, so don’t depend on them to bring true happiness.

My senses are continually bombarded: the eye by forms, the ears by sounds, the nose by aromas, the tongue by flavors and the body by contact. All of these things I investigate. In that way, each of my sense faculties becomes a teacher.

Carefully observe the ebb and flow of defiling influences in your mind. Don’t let them deceive you so readily. When you’re skilled enough to catch their movements, you can transform their negative power into positive spiritual energy.


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis