Nightly Spiritual Quote #53 Osho

Who knows about what is going to happen tomorrow?
The woman you love or the man you love — either movement is possible: You may come closer, you may become distant. You may become again strangers or you may become so one with each other that to even say that you are two will not be right; of course there are two bodies, but the heart is one, and the song of the heart if one, and the ecstasy surrounds you both like a cloud. You disappear in that ecstasy: You are not you, I am not I. Love becomes so total, love is so great and overwhelming, that you cannot remain yourself; you have to drown yourself and disappear.
In that disappearance who is going to be attached, and to whom? Everything IS.
When love blossoms in its totality, everything simply is. The fear of tomorrow does not arise; hence there is no question of attachment, clinging, marriage, of any kind of contract, bondage.


Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis

One comment on “Nightly Spiritual Quote #53 Osho

  1. When two people are in a relationship, sometimes things just don’t work out even if the two love each other; maybe they are not compatible. Sometimes people grow apart instead of growing together in the relationship. It is true that in a relationship people can become strangers towards one another, if a relationship is meant to be it is meant to be, but if it isn’t, it just isn’t. It really doesn’t matter how long two people have been in a relationship for them to grow in love, or fall out of love. Love is an emotion, which is a verb, because it shows action; it is what someone shows and shares with the other person, but it can also not be shown or shared by either one, so love is a good thing, but love can also hurt in any relationship. When a person will not give or receive love, it is because they’ve been hurt by it in one form or another and their heart is closed to it.

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