Nightly Spiritual Quote #27 Theosophical Society

“If a man approaches a fact in the world around him with a judgment arising from his previous experiences, he shuts himself off by this judgment from the quiet, complete effect which this fact can have on him. The learner must be able each moment to make himself a perfectly empty vessel into which the new world flows. Knowledge is received only in those moments in which every judgment, every criticism coming from ourselves, is silent. For example, when we meet a person, the question is not at all whether we are wiser than he. Even the most unreasoning child has something to reveal to the greatest sage. And if he approach the child with his prejudgment, be it ever so wise, he pushes his wisdom like a dulled glass in front of what the child ought to reveal to him.”
― Rudolph Steiner


Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


2 comments on “Nightly Spiritual Quote #27 Theosophical Society

  1. Thank you for sharing, be blessed.

  2. That is fantastic!❤️

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