Essene Wisdom #3

The Essene Communions


Saturday: Devoted to food consciousness. Lets reserve this day for fasting. Fast with water or any of the other preparations. If it is too difficult use as little food, preferably fruit, as possible and be highly conscious of the quality and benefits of the food.

Attune your body to the vibration of the liquid or food, so that you become nourished by its essence. In this way water alone can become your food of life. Maintain your Communion with the Earthly Mother.

Sunday: A day devoted to tending the earth. In the spirit of regeneration, healing and abundance, give as much time as possible to creative work in the garden. The focus is our roll as stewards of the planet and learning to absorb life energy from the plants and to give it back again. Maintain your communion with the Angel of Earth.

Monday: A day of silence. Speak as little as possible see how you can go about the day with this self-imposed restriction. Observe the many different forms of relating and communicating and how the medium of speech at times dilutes the intensity of our relationships. Maintain your communion with the Angel of Life

Tuesday: A day of simple contemplation of the joy of life, the fullness of our blessings. Take an extended walk in a natural setting, silently. Observe sunrise if possible. Avoid distractions, and focus on the colors, smells, and the state of nature at this point in the seasonal cycle. If morning walk is not possible any other time will do. The focus is on creating a silent, meditative walk through nature, becoming one with your surroundings. Maintain your communion with the Angel of Joy.

Wednesday: The focus is on the sun, allowing its power and light to come into your body. Try to observe the sunrise, begin then your morning meditation try to expose yourself to the sun. Maintain your communion with the Angel of the Sun.

Thursday: A day of purification, of cleansing all the bodies. A day to carry the idea of purification. Take a relaxing bath preferably setting up the environment for a meditative approach. Remember the connections between your blood, your water and the waters of life, the circulatory system of the Earthly Mother. Lengthy immersions in cold and hot tubs have a value, same about basthi kriya. Maintain your communion with the Angel of Water

Friday: Remember the in breath and out breath of the universe as you breathe in and out rhythmically. Pranayama practice should have priority, today; breath awareness should be maintained throughout the day. Maintain your communion with the Angel of Air.


The Communions are believed to have originated with Enoch, the patriarch of the Essene Brotherhood. The Communions were practiced each morning and evening, a different earthly force being meditated upon every morning, and a different heavenly force every evening before retiring.

The objectives of the communions are to make us conscious of the various natural and cosmic forces that are always present, flowing around us in a perpetual stream of life-giving energy; to make us aware of how our organs and energy centers can tap into those energies; and to make the connection between our organs and centers and the corresponding forces.

The Essenes divided human life into seven spheres: the physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural, relationship with Mother Earth, and relationship with the Heavenly Father and his entire creation (the cosmos). Man has three bodies that function in each of these spheres: an acting body, a feeling body and a thinking body. The thinking body’s highest power is wisdom, manifested in the form of good thoughts. The feeling body’s highest power is love, manifested in kind and gentle words. The acting body’s highest power is action to eliminate human suffering and work for the betterment of the human race and the planet on which we live.

At noon each day the Essenes contemplated one of these seven aspects of peace.  We encourage you to use the morning, noon and evening communions as daily aids to support your journey on the Spiritual Path. 


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis