Nightly Spiritual Quote #18 Osho

I am here to make you Total, Whole. To be Whole is to be Holy. Nothing is to be denied, contradictions have to be absorbed, so that a harmony, a symphony arises. I don’t want you to become monotonous, monotony is death. A life of ordinary indulgence is repetitive, and so is the life of ordinary religion. The life of Yoga is tremendously rich. It is affirmative, it is saying yes to existence. Blessed are those in whom God has become a laughter, a song and a dance.



Peace and Love

Seth Kelly Curtis


2 comments on “Nightly Spiritual Quote #18 Osho

  1. A laughter, a song, a dance… wonderful. Like the birds, the flowers, the wind, the waves… GOD’s SPIRIT is the Creator. And we shall live as His children.

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