Spiritual Teachings #18 Christian

As long as a man is negligent, he fears the hour of death; when, however, he comes near to God, he proceeds firmly and both kinds of fear are taken away. How does this happen? While his knowledge and his behavior are of a bodily nature, he is frightened by death. But when his knowledge is of a psychic nature, and his behavior is steadfast, his mind is moved by the thoughts of Judgement every moment. In the first state he belongs wholly to nature; in the psychic state he is moved and guided by his knowledge and by his discipline. And he is happy in the neighborhood of God. But when he reaches true knowledge by the motion of the apperception of God’s mysteries and he becomes confirmed in future hope, he is consumed by love.

He that is bodily fears as an animal fears being slaughtered; he who is rational fears the Judgement of God. He that has become a son, is pleasing to love, not to the staff of him who testifies. ‘I and my house will serve the Lord.’ (Joshua 24:15). For love annihilates fear. It not only fears but it even longs after departure. Love is the dissolver of temporary life. He that has reached the love of God, does not desire to stay here any more.

My beloved ones, because I was foolish, I could not bear to guard the secret in silence, but am become mad, for the sake of my brethren’s profit. For true love is not able to cling to the cause of love apart from friends.

Oft when I was writing these things, my fingers paused on the paper. They could not bear the delight which had fallen into the heart and which made the senses silent. Blessed is he that has constant intercourse with God and has withdrawn himself from worldly things, being with Him only, in intercourse founded upon his knowledge. And if he has to be patient, it will not be long before he sees fruits.

Gladness in God is stronger than earthly life. He that has found it, is not only free from the trial of the affections, but he does not even turn towards his life any longer. Furthermore, he has no other apperception, if he really has been deemed worthy of this.

Love is sweeter than life. An understanding concerning God, from which love is born, is sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. What is the sweetness of love which excels life? Love is not spiteful if it has to undergo a myriad of deaths for the sake of it’s friends.


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis


4 comments on “Spiritual Teachings #18 Christian

  1. Vic Crain says:

    We need to address hypocrisy as well. We are entering the season in which hate mongers return to church and expect redemption by saying the words without changing what they do.

  2. Hasti says:

    Praise the Lord. Thank you so much brother for reminding me God’s love. Blessings.

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