Essene Meditations And Blessings #94


There is a yearning in me now,

Which follows a season of outbreath.

It is the longing for the seet inbreath

Of my spiritual nature.

And as my physical nature still urges me

To do,

Yet in my heart I know

My path leads me to be.

And I humbly hon or the do-er in me

That makes my world revolve.

But now I prepare to take my inbreath

at the center

Of my self.

The Blessing

You have brought me to the sun

And have filled me with its light.

You have strengthened my Will

And clarified my sight.

And now the eagle must fly

Back to the earth

And make ready to surrender

To the season of rebirth.

-Danaan Parry


Please do what you can to protect our environment,

perhaps by cutting down on plastics.

If you can, get a water filter and stop buying plastic water bottles.

We’re running out of time. God bless all.

Seth Kelly Curtis