You Don’t Need…

May be an illustration

You don’t need coffee; you need sleep

.You don’t need nicotine; you need to walk.

You don’t need to get drunk; you need to laugh out loud.

You don’t need wild sex; you need connection.

You don’t need to scream; you need to express yourself.

You don’t need to tragic; you need to listen.

You don’t need synthetic drugs; you need art.

You don’t need stimulants; you need a hug.

You don’t need TV; you need poetry.

You don’t need to buy; you need Nature.

You don’t need to judge, you need empathy.

You don’t need religions; you need questions.

You don’t need a partner; you need self love.

You need your self.

I need me.

Above everything you need inner peace, which requires harmony between the inside and the outside.


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis


4 comments on “You Don’t Need…

  1. Without peace there is only chaos. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.

  2. catch2223 says:

    So insightful. This one helped a lot this week.

  3. I like this sentiment, I am trying to accept all of it. BTW I love the illustration!

  4. …also:
    You don’t need just existence… you need a life…

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