Science Of Mind #47

A Creative Spirit Expresses Through Me

Let us take a very simple lesson from nature. Perhaps from where you are sitting you can see a tree in full bloom. If so, remember that the tree’s roots, from which it draws its life, are entirely invisible. Unless the tree drew on this invisible source, it would never flourish. We have roots in the Mind of God. Our personality, our individuality, everything we are and do that the world sees is really a result, in effect, of our continually drawing on the infinite.

We must come to believe that the Creative Spirit in back of all things also flows through us. If we think of ourselves as rooted in God and expect Divine Power to flow through us, our every thought and action will be animated by the same life and power and beauty that clothe the lily of the field. God has imparted our life to us, placing no limitation or condition that would restrict us, other than this: Our life must be lived constructively, in unity and love and sympathy with everything around us, if we expect to live it to the fullest. I believe that every person is born to be creative and to live to the fullest and to be happy and glad and prosperous and whole.

It is the Father’s pleasure to give me the Kingdom of Good. I accept it with joy and thanksgiving, knowing that I am called to be a creative center of Life. All that I wish for myself, I wish for others as well. Sensing the presence of Love guiding and protecting me, I go forth to spread this Love to all those I meet.

-Ernest Holmes


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis