Science Of Mind #41

I Dwell In The Household Of God

The Household of God is the Household of Perfection. It is the Secret Place of the Most High. The inhabitants of this Household are all divine Beings. Nothing can enter the consciousness of any of these inhabitants that contradicts the unity of Good. Each and every member of this Household is at peace with all other members. There is a community of peace, of understanding, of fellowship, and of love and unity.

In this Household of God – which is any person’s household who declares it to be such – there is no bickering, no jealousy, and no avenue through which any littleness or meanness may operate. It is not only a household of peace, but also a household of joy; it is a place of happiness and general contentment. Here is warmth, color, and beauty. This earthly household symbolizes the Divine Harmony of the Kingdom of God. No one is a stranger within this household. Nothing is alien to it. It is protected from all fear, from every sense of loss. Nothing can enter it but joy, integrity, and friendship. This same good I realize belongs to everyone else.

I do not desire a good for myself that is greater than the good I desire for all people. Neither do I deny myself the good I affirm for all others. In this Household, the Host is God, the Living Spirit Almighty. All are invited and all who dwell in this Household are guests of the Eternal Host. I dwell here in peace, joy, and love.

-Ernest Holmes


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis