Giving Thanks

Quaerite Et Invenietis  “Seek and you will find”


Today we celebrate our holiday of Thanksgiving here in the United States. People travel from all corners of the country to be with family and loved ones. Our Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when a group of English Pilgrims in present day Massachusetts (US) shared a feast with a tribe of Native Americans to celebrate a plentiful harvest. Many countries worldwide have harvest related festivals, Canada, India, China, Malaysia and Korea are but a few. American Thanksgiving takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a day that we pause from our hectic and sometimes selfish lives to give thanks for our blessings and to feast on wonderful turkey dinners.

I always try to be grateful for the blessings in my life, I have many, but sometimes I fall short. I honestly try. Every night I remember to thank God/The Universe for my many blessings, both large and small, during my nightly shower. Because I enjoy my hot shower so much, I realize what a blessing it is. Sometimes though, life gets in the way of twenty-four hour a day gratitude. I’ll complain to myself about my job, how my boss is an ungrateful grump. But I’ve gotten better with my gratitude lately and I’ll tell you why:

I recently saw a news story on television about people in Madagascar working in mica mines. These poor beautiful people work fourteen hour days, seven days a week, for very little money. They do all this on one bowl of rice a day and live in hovels. They do this because they have to in order to survive (mica, by the way, is used in your cell phone. Think about that when you use it).

After seeing this story, I vowed to try much harder to appreciate what I have, especially my job. It really has made my job a lot easier, knowing that I’m only going to work about eight hours, just five days a week. Then I get to go to a lovely home and woman, who has a nutritious and delicious dinner waiting for me. Afterwards I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in. All that being said, I’d like to make a list of the things I’m grateful for:

I’m grateful for my wonderful girlfriend and companion Erin, and the beautiful home she’s made and keeps for us.

I’m grateful for our wonderful, crazy dog Annie, and our cats Kayak, Keno and Milo (who lived in a woodpile until he adopted us).

I’m grateful for the food we always have.

For the clean water I can get any time I wish.

I’m grateful for our home, a warm and comfortable shelter (right now it’s raining outside and I’m warm and dry).

I’m grateful for my warm and comfortable bed.

I’m glad I live in a safe place in the world (so many don’t).

I’m grateful for my job and the income it brings in.

I’m grateful to my boss for the challenge of learning to love and accept people I wouldn’t normally want to be around.

My health is an enormous blessing.

I’m grateful for our car (it sure is easy to get to work).

For having the fitness to ride my bicycle to work when I do.

For friends and family.

I’m grateful to you for being interested in my blog, and having very interesting blogs yourself.

I know that I have it so much better than most on this beautiful planet (God bless those people).

Thank you God/Universe for all of my blessings both large and small.

Happy Thanksgiving or Harvest Festival to all!


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable


Kelly Curtis



71 comments on “Giving Thanks

  1. Sheree says:

    Happy Thanksgiving 🍽🦃🍁

  2. Anita Bowden says:

    So well stated, Kelly! A great reminder to all of us just how much we have to be thankful for! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. gifted50 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I enjoyed your post so much. You found so much to be grateful, I will remember the mica miners…wow.

  4. Kelly Curtis; How wonderful to see a fellow human giving Gratitude! So few people take the time out to thank: The Sun for continuing to Sacrifice itself that we may have heat & light in just the right amount to continue on with our lives, to thank this good, good Earth for feeding us, for providing out of nothing so much as dirt, all the things that make our lives possible, for that moon, which, as well as a night light, reminds us that the Sun is still shinning on the other side of this world……I, personally, wake up^ each morning and look out my front west window, across Cook Inlet, and give thanks to the Great Spirit for bringing me to live in this place of Peace, good neighbors, Spring Water, especially so after hearing the news reports! I am attempting to build the “House of Mankind” where all men, women, children, treat all men, women and children as Equals…..When this happens a portion of this Universe will be opened to us; right now we are on the “Do Not Visit List”, Such a Lonely Place to be……Happy Thanksgiving Year……

  5. susankgray says:

    Thank you for the inspirational Thanksgiving blessing. Your words helped me to count my many blessings and to appreciate this precious life we all share. Happy Holidays!

  6. Kelly, wishing you too a wonderful Thanksgiving day… enjoy your celebrations with your loved ones!!

  7. sakshi 's poetry says:

    I m so grateful to universe …and overwhelmed to read this post ….in our day to day activities we forget about these all things …..thank u Kelly sir for this post …I m grateful to your post also 🙏🌺💫we are blessed 🌺💫✨

  8. The Hinoeuma says:

    Blessings in the shower. I love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. sakshi 's poetry says:

    Happy harvest festival 💕🥳🥳

  10. later; after the dinner, I played my drums for them, then they all joined in and we made beautiful Music together, Wine & Song & Music, that is the Key to Heaven! I never had such Good Pumpkin Pie…….

  11. denise421win says:

    So good to be thankful… great post

  12. Hello, I`m so thankful, that Jesus died for our sins and offers us forgiveness, if we ask him for it. I’m thankful, that he is always with me, leading me and answering my prayers. I got so many uncountable good things from him, I’ll never have enough words and love to thank him for all. Wish you the knowledge of his presence, his help and mercyful leading every day. Lots of warm greetings, Tina

  13. Thanks for following my site; you are very kind.

  14. Yes, it’s a good thing to be grateful,a decent culture,most especially for those who can see take an inner mind to see reasons for being grateful.
    People are easily consumed by their challenges of life, this deprived them of seeing the reason to be grateful.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      You’re so right my friend. I sometimes have to remember my blessings after the challenges of the day. Take care.

    • Brother, you have a wonderful mind-set, For me it works like Magic, the more I have the faster I gift it away, the more I gift it away, the more I find I have to Gift away, I ask myself “Of what use is money to me?” I am an old man, and my Heart has a set date to quit beating, when I go out of here I want to see .10 cents in my bank accounts, which will mean I have improved the lives of many of My Brother’s & Sister’s, this is NO Price to pay, I only want a much improved Planet for our Children to Live on and Enjoy! What is the Point of Living, if one wants to keep everything for one’s self? Have a Great Day!

      • I really have to thank you for living your life as a sacrifice for other to be comfortable.

        What a life to emulate,a top quality life,this very type of life have an eternal reward. I call you one in a million.thanks for living a selfless proud to be connected with you.

  15. Thank you, Mr. Curtis, for “liking” my post and subscribing to my site ! Very nice thoughts here, by you and your commentators, too !

  16. I too forgot to appreciate my day but now have a nightly habit of giving thanks… it leaves such a great vibe!

  17. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    It is a beautiful holiday and in my opinion, one of the most meaningful for it does not imply the commercialism of the others and it is a time when families get together. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Spain, but i used to when I lived in Florida. My wife (who is also European) learned to cook a great turkey, great pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce and we would invite our single friends over. I was hoping to celebrate it here in Europe but my wife had to go to the US to see her mother and I stayed here alone and alone nothing is ever fun…lovely post and thanks! All the best from the Mediterranean coast of Spain!

  18. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day! 🌷

  19. asli68 says:

    Teşekkür ederim sevgili arkadaşım 🌻🌼 zarif insan, günün kutlu olsun 💖

  20. nitinsingh says:

    Happy thnkx giving 😀😀

  21. da-AL says:

    happy holidays to you & yours — you are utterly sweet! the one about your boss made me laugh lololol

  22. HEY! Kelly, I really enjoyed your post: of 11/28/19! You got it brother! It is all about expressing Gratitude……Every Morning I wake up^ now I remember to go to my window, and thank the Sun for shinning, for the Air I suck into my lungs, for my old heart still beating; for my good, good neighbors, who look after me, bring me meals to eat, sometimes drive me into town to shop and get a shower. (My old house has no shower, tub, bathroom, just a bucket, no T.V., no micro-wave oven, just a fridge, freezer) I do have this lap-top, because I went deaf and had no other way to communicate, those two factor authorizations are useless to me, I wish they would make a provision for us deaf people! When my lady was here she was my ears, but now she is gone, lung cancer killed her in less that 30 days…..On Word Press I have found over 300 friends to chat with, which eases the loneliness for me. I am writing posts in the small hope that I can wage Peace, instead, of War, gift our children with a paradise, instead of a used up^ trash dump! Also to Shame those many Billionaires, into using their great good fortunes to improve this world, instead of keeping all that money for themselves, as they have to realize that when they leave this life, they cannot take it with them into their coffins…….Big job for a little old man sitting in a log cabin here in Alaska, yet as long as my little heart keeps on beating, I am going to keep on working on it! Keep on Writing Mr. Kelly! George

  23. bernard25 says:

    joyeux noel
    Depuis des années je t’ai ouvert mon coeur
    et mon esprit
    Qui vas au plu simple ((l’amitié))
    Avec toi
    J’ai su crée un climat d’entraide, de communication
    Et aussi de la tendresse ainsi qu’avec tous ceux
    qui ont souhaité me connaître
    en partageant ma vie
    Évidemment, lorsque j’ouvre mon courrier
    je prends le risque d’être blessé
    Peut-être de vivre le rejet ou de la déception
    Mais les récompenses véritable sont beaucoup plus
    tendres et enrichissantes
    je dois en prendre ce risque
    Aujourd’hui j’ouvre ma vie avec tous ceux qui le désirent

    Très bonne journée , ainsi qu’un bon week-end malgré le froid et la pluie

    Une multitude de gros bisous pour toi
    Encore bonnes fetes de Noel et de nouvel an à venir

  24. jeofreyogire says:

    Happy! happy!
    When do we carry out thanks giving? Does it happen in only Holly grounds? If so, how is this done?

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      I’m not sure how in your country. In the U.S. we celebrate it in November. We feast to remember our blessings.

      • jeofreyogire says:

        Wowwww! I think there must be differences according to races. In Uganda, according the Catholic Church, and mostly those in rural areas, thanks giving is done at night. There is a group of people that has to be moving from door to door singing and praising as they collect what Christian’s have to offer. I remember those days when I was about 6, I found it so discomforting because they would come at a time you are busy snoring and surprise you by banging the doors and windows. It looks interesting to only adult only.

      • Kelly Curtis says:

        Yes, that would be better for an adult. Our traditions certainly are different, but at least we remember to give thanks!

      • jeofreyogire says:

        Absolutely and yes we do because we all serve one true God

  25. craig lock says:

    Reblogged this on INSPIRE and commented:

    The best (and simplest) prayer is one of THANKS*B-HCVkn_TGsEJW1wVNgSyQ%402x.jpeg&

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  28. Jael Kisota says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you!

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