Science Of Mind #23

My affairs are in the hands of divine action

It is right and necessary that we should be individuals. If two persons were exactly alike, one would be unnecessary in the scheme of things. Emerson said that imitation is suicide. The Divine Spirit never made any two things alike – no two rosebushes, two snowflakes, two grains of sand, nor two persons. We are all just a little unique, for each wears a different face but behind each is the One Presence – God. Unity does not mean uniformity. Unity means that everything draws its strength, its power, and its ability to live from One source. One Life does flow through everything, but this Life is never monotonous; It is forever doing new things in you and in me.

I affirm that I, too, am of this original Spirit and that It is doing something new through me today. Therefor, everything I do is original; it is a new creation. There is a new enthusiasm, a new zest for life. Even the old songs I sing are different because of renewed influx coming from “the Maker of all music.”

The Divine Spirit is flowing through me in an individual way and I accept the genius of my own being. Since the original Artist is doing something new through me today, I do not imitate others. Each is a king in his own right; each is a Divine Being on the pathway of an eternal unfoldment. Gladly I recognize and unite with the genius in others, but always keep the uniqueness of my own personality. All the Presence there is flowing through me in an original manner. I invite the inspiration, the illumination, and the guidance of God and gladly cooperate with them.

-Ernest Holmes

May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis


4 comments on “Science Of Mind #23

  1. Have an awesome blessed week.. 😉

  2. Mishkat Al Moumin says:

    Such a great post!🌹 Thank you for sharing🙏

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