Science of Mind #17

I Loose All Condemnation

When Jesus said that we should not judge lest we should be judged, he was stating the action of the law of cause and effect. If we wish a complete clearance from any sense of condemnation about ourselves, we must first be certain that we have released all condemnation of others from our own minds. When we do this we meet others in a new light and, reaching past all judgements and criticism, establish a relationship between the Spirit that is within them and the same Spirit that is within us, for God is One in all people.

Knowing that God must be at the center of everything, and realizing that God’s Love is the great motivating power of life, today I know that I am meeting this God in everyone and seeing the manifestation of Love in everything. If there is any condemnation or animosity in me, I gladly loose it. I loose it and let it go as I turn to that silent Presence within me that gives all and withholds nothing.

Giving and receiving, loving and being loved, I rejoice with all creation and find in field and flower and running brook, in the sunshine and in the stillness of the night, that One Presence that fills everything. I enter into the harmony of eternal peace, into the joy of knowing that I am now in the kingdom of God, from which no person is excluded. My yesterdays are gone forever; my tomorrows stretch forth into an endless future of pure delight. And from out of the Invisible there come to me these words: Today thou art with Me in Paradise.

-Ernest Holmes

May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis