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Author Kelly’s Book Blog Monday

I’m excited to announce the release of my new book entitled ‘Everwhere: Litterbox’. A rollicking humorous romp through the alternate reality that is Everwhere.

This does have a little to do with the theme of my blog as I weave how we can use love and intention to manifest a better world for ourselves and indeed, for all beings, into the story line.

Trey Carpenter, the main protagonist of the story, is catapulted into and alternate universe where he must stop the evil influences of that world from starting an all out war. Deni, the love of Treys life and an almost perfect soul is in trouble back in the real world. Trey cannot return to help her until he completes the job that was thrust upon him by the forces of love.

In this trilogy I cover manifestation, using the power of love. I…

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