Science of Mind #13

I know the active power of God

The key thought of our meditation today is the idea that there is an active Presence of the creative Spirit in all our affairs – not something passive, but something that is moving in and through everything we do. We should affirm that this Divine Presence is everywhere, that It is always active in, around and through us.

Believing that the Spirit is at the center of everything and at the very center of my own physical being, I recognize this presence harmoniously acting in every cell, every organ, and every function of my physical body. I praise my body-temple, bless it, and know that every activity within it is in harmony with Divine Life. One Mind governs everything, and I now affirm and accept that this same Intelligence governs my affairs. It is within me and around me at all times, directing, guiding, governing, controlling, and leading me happily to the fulfillment of all good purposes.

I salute the God-Presence in everyone I meet, and I know that as surely as I do this, the Love dwelling in them responds to the same Presence that is within me. We act in a unison of peace and understanding. Recognizing all of nature as the handiwork of God, I see the beauty of His activity in everything – in the wind and the wave, in the sunshine and cloud, and in everything that God has created.

-Ernest Holmes

Quaerite Et Invenietis “Seek and you will find”

“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed”

May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Keep smiling, keep shining and…

Remember to always treat animals with love and respect

Seth Kelly Curtis