Science Of Mind #4



To be effective, prayer must be affirmative, but it is not enough merely to affirm the presence of God. We must add to this realization the thought that Divine Intelligence is acting in and through us now. Prayer is not a wishful or wistful longing, nor is it an escape from objective reality. To become lost in our prayers might give us an unconscious desire to escape the activities of life. Therefore, we affirm that Divine Intelligence not only knows what to do, but also impels us to act on Its Knowing.

I hand my life and affairs over to Divine Intelligence, to the Power that knows how to do everything. I do this in the complete conviction that I receive only good into my experience. I know there is nothing in me that can doubt either the Divine Goodness or the operation of Its Law in my affairs. I believe that everything necessary to the fulfillment of every good desire is now in full operation, that all the circumstances in my life are tending to bring it about.

If there is anything I ought to do about this, I accept the action and know that I receive guidance and am impelled to act intelligently. Therefore, I have a complete sense of ease and assurance. I look forward joyfully as I anticipate the good that is to come into my life. I believe that all who are now praying with me will receive the answer to their desires from the same Source. My faith goes out to them even as their faith reaches back to me. For I believe that out of the great Good in which we live there will surely come to all of us an answer to our particular need.

-Ernest Holmes



Quaerite Et Invenietis “Seek and you will find”


“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed”


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable


Keep smiling, keep shining

Seth Kelly Curtis