Selections From The World’s Great Wisdom Traditions #1: Hinduism

  I Would Not Even Care To Be An Emperor

Mother of the Universe,

I have no desire to exercise power.

I would not even care to be an emperor.

Sweet Mother, please grant me

two simple meals each day

and wealth enough to thatch the palm roof

of my clean earthen house,

where I offer dreaming and waking

as red flowers at your feet.


My green village dwelling is the abode

of your golden radiance, O Goddess.

What need have I of more elaborate construction?

If you surround me with the complex architecture

of stature and possession,

I will refuse to call you Mother ever again.


Oh Kali, give me just enough to serve lovingly

whatever guests may visit me.

Plain metal plates and cups will do.

Daily existence in the heart of my extended family

is the worship beyond worship

that perceives Mother Reality

as every being, every situation, every breath.


I will never leave this natural way of life

to become a stern ascetic

or a teacher honored by the world.

There is only one longing this poet’s soul

declares over and over:

“Mother! Mother! Mother!

May every moment of my existence

merge completely with your essence.”




Quaerite Et Invenietis “Seek and you will find”


“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed”


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Seth Kelly Curtis




15 comments on “Selections From The World’s Great Wisdom Traditions #1: Hinduism

  1. Beautiful words of wisdom and simplicity…

  2. Ruth Kirk says:

    Wonderful. Thank you so much for this xxxx

  3. RM Weldon says:

    The natural way of living as it was intended to be described in Beauty. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much for the blessing!

  5. gifted50 says:

    Very beautiful words of contentment, sharing and love.

  6. csaintjude says:

    That prayer of Ramprasad is wonderful. But if everyone were that down to the basics, how would the world move on? How would the yet-to-be explored wonders of Divine Spirit be revealed? How would civilisation advance?
    The creative possibilities of Soul in the human body should not be limited in any way. And the test is not in not acquiring too much. No. It is rather being detached in the midst of too much. That is where the real test of spirituality is. But this is just a personal view gleaned from my own path, Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. Disregard my comment if it doesn’t make sense to you. And thanks for reading this.

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      Thank you for the comment. It makes perfect sense to me. I slightly familiar with Eckankar, but will, look into it further. Take care.

      • csaintjude says:

        Thanks Kelly. Really appreciate. I have a blog too at: U may also wish to look in. And let me know what u feel afterwards. Thanks again. We are all on the road to deeper knowledge, and can always share.

  7. Kally says:

    This is beautifully written post.

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