Spiritual Treatments #8


Quaerite Et Invenietis¬† “Seek and you will find”


“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed”


“Your vibe attracts you tribe”


Use these treatments as prayer or affirmation. If used as prayer, feel the words as originating from your heart and going to the place inside you that God resides. If used as affirmation, pay close attention to the words and truly believe what you are reading. If you don’t believe in God, substitute the word God for anything you choose, and tweak the words to make them work for you. These treatments are from Ernest Holmes’ book ’34 spiritual Treatments.’


“God is my courage! God is my strength! God is the inner confidence and conviction of my being and life. I have nothing to fear. God governs thoroughly, absolutely and completely, every detail and situation that presents itself to me. There is nothing to doubt, no confusion to confuse, and no block to block. The Mighty Spirit of Truth dissolves all excuses of resistance or rejection. A Supreme Intelligence guards and guides my life always. Devine Intelligence in me assures me that evil, error, falsity, of whatever name or nature, has no power, principle, process or procedure. The Universal Mind has decreed that I shall have courage, dominion and strength,¬† — and it can never be taken away. In this courage and dominion I live and have my being forever. For the Lord my God is with me whithersoever I go. This I know right down to the foundations of my being. Steadfast in Thee, O courage of God, I rise in Thy strength, and all is well.”


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comforable


Kelly Curtis