My Contribution to Peace


Quaerite Et Invenietis  “Seek and you will find”


I contribute to Peace when I strive to express the best of myself in my contacts with others.

I contribute to Peace when I use my intelligence and my abilities to serve the Good.

I contribute to Peace when I feel compassion toward all those who suffer.

I contribute to Peace when I rejoice over the happiness of others and pray for their well -being.

I contribute to Peace when I listen with tolerance to opinions that differ from mine or even oppose them.

I contribute to Peace when I resort to dialog rather than to force to settle any conflict.

I contribute to Peace when I respect Nature and preserve it for generations to come.

I contribute to Peace when I do not seek to impose my conception of God upon others.

I contribute to Peace when I make Peace the foundation of my ideals and philosophy.

I contribute to Peace when I look upon all as my Brothers and Sisters, regardless of race, culture, or religion.

-Rosicrucian Manuscript


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Kelly Curtis



26 comments on “My Contribution to Peace

  1. The concept of peace is what makes the world goes around, despite our different background, religious beliefs, ethnicity And social status.
    To be peaceful is the seek the good of others,to respect their belief,to contribute to their joy,to be part of their happiness,and to be a product that encourage other to succeed.
    Nothing brings joy like bringing other people joy…
    Thanks for sharing this thought.

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      Well said my friend. Thank you for your thoughts also. Take care.

    • This statement Sir, reaffirms my faith in the basic goodness of humans, when-ever I needed help in my life there was always some-one willing to assist me, to help me on my way to old age. My 74 year old brain cannot remember a single time I met a “Bad” Person, always there was some-one with their hand out offering to help, to assist me on my way, this is life as it is designed by the Great Spirit, the Creator of this Universe, I only hope I passed that gift on to some-one else, and then they passed it on, and on, and on, what a wonderful world to live on, in, this shall be…..

    • You, Sir, have Right Thought, Right thought will lead to Peace on this Planet called “Earth”. When all treat each other as Equals, we will have Peace here on Earth, there will be no Rich & Poor, nobody will be allowed to go to bed hungry! All of the Children on this Planet our, OUR Children, we are a Family of One, and therefore Responsible to All of Us!

  2. kevin cooper says:

    Nice to hear people speaking of peace with all the troubles going on in the world. 🙂

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      Give Peace a chance, that’s all we are asking!

    • Mr. Cooper, working together as one on this net-work we can make Peace Happen! All it takes, I think, is a whole heap of us demanding it, cancel that Amazon subscription, buy nothing you do not need to sustain your life, and that is not much, food, clothes, shelter from the storm, and believe Sir, when I say that storm is on it’s way

  3. Eliza says:

    Keep contributing and making the world a better place…

    Love, light and glitter

  4. Rekha Sahay says:

    Really great ,I can relate with it- I strive to express the best of myself in my contacts with others.

  5. Mr. Curtis, What wonderful thought’s you have Sir, now if we can only spread them like Wild-Fire, what a decent, livable World we can leave for our Children to inherit! On my posts I only say what I think, and hope it rings True, I have no ulterior motive, no desire for fame, for fortune. I strive for objectivity, my brain is 74+ years old, yet because I have read at least 5,000 books, millions of magazine articles, I am lucky, I can open any book to any chapter, read two sentences and remember if I read that book already, and, what it was all about, that is truth, I can do that, it is a gift that has seen me through many hard times…..You Sir, have obviously read my posts or you would not have responded, so let us team up^ to make it all happen, just as we imagine this world of our’s to be….

  6. Kelly Curtis says:

    Yes, let us team up, and as many others as possible to spread the Love and Peace as far and wide as we can.

  7. Hey, Kelly I will bet that I have written over 1,000 words today, that is my goal, 1,000 words a day spreading the Word, I am almost up^ to 100 + fans, and I am working on 1,000 next, I just wrote a word press letter to all of those wonderful writers thanking them and YOU for caring enough to read what I had to say out of my mind…..Since I do not give a shit about making money, I allow no Ads on my site, i just say what I have to say, my thoughts on life on this Earth…..

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      Thank you for spreading the word. It’s a noble undertaking that we all must do better at. You sir, and people like you will bring Peace to this planet. Take care.

      • Yes Sir, Mr. Curtis, I have set myself the Goal of a thousand words a day, and so far I have over fifty people responding to my posts, so maybe what I have to say is interesting. Once we decide to deep-six all of those weapons of war, and trade them in for wind-mills and Solar Panels we will have Peace…..I am determined to make that happen before my heart quits beating…..

  8. Hey, Mr. Curtis! On Dec. 01/2019 I had 50 people, now I am up^ to 350 + on 12/07/2019, if I keep up^ at this rate I will make 30,000 by January, and if I can do that, this whole world be different by July/2020…..WAGE PEACE/NOT WAR!!!!!

    • Kelly Curtis says:

      Congratulations on growing so quickly. The more people we can reach with our message the better. It took me five months to reach 300. What are you doing to get so many follows?

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