Spiritual Treatments #5

Quaerite Et Invenietis – “Seek and you will find.”


“We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.”

-Oswald Chambers


I recently downloaded a book on my Kindle titled “34 Spiritual Treatments” by Ernest Holmes, a teacher, writer, and the spiritual leader of the New Thought Movement. These 34 treatments are like prayers or affirmations. I’d like to share them as I’ve found them to be very powerful. So once or twice a week I’ll post one of them.


“I believe that I am the son/daughter of God and heir to all the father hath. As I let my inner self see things in their entirety and in their right relation, I know that the spirit of life and power is back of all that is visible in this world. To the degree that I open myself to the Devine inflow, do I become like God. Today, I let my thinking be affirmative and constructive; I let my mental pictures be bright and full of good cheer. Today, I partake of the life of God and feel the essence of that Life expressing Itself in and through me. Today, I reject all limitation and disease, and act in accordance with my belief. I acknowledge the order and beauty of God’s creation and act in cooperation with all this beauty. What is true of God, is also true of me. I am never separated from the source of All-Good.”


May God bless and protect you and…

May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable

Kelly Curtis