34 Spiritual Treatments #1

“The most impressive spectacle in life is the sight of a virtuous person steadily pursuing his or her course in the midst of vicious people.”



I recently downloaded a book on my Kindle called “34 Spiritual Treatments” by Ernest Holms, a teacher, writer, and the spiritual leader of the New Thought Movement. These 34 treatments are like prayers or affirmations. I’d like to share them as I’ve found them to be very powerful. So, once or twice a week I’ll publish one of them.

I used to wonder if my prayers were heard, if I was doing it correctly. Then I started paying attention to what I was really saying, trying to imagine the prayer leaving my head and going up somewhere, to heaven I guess. Now I approach prayer a little differently. Instead of trying to send my prayer or thanks out there somewhere, using my brain, I visualize the prayer or thanks as originating from my heart, and not going out in space somewhere, but to wherever it is in me that God resides.

You can use these as prayers, or affirmations, or just read them out of interest. If you don’t believe in God, just substitute the word for something else. Your God may be Allah, or Jehovah, or Mother Nature, or Gaia. Anyway, I really enjoy these treatments and hope you enjoy the series.

I’d like to share the forward to the book first so you can get an idea of Mr. Holmes philosophy. Enjoy!


Forward: Let your good happen.

“The universe responds to the affirmative mind. It cannot say “no” to him whose mind is set on greatness. Let the words of your mouth, the meditations of your heart and the activities of your hands be acceptable to the law of good. You exist in an impersonal universe which, by its own nature, can only produce for you what you command it to demonstrate. Your thought is power. Your feeling is directive force. What you think and feel happens. But, you always stand at the point of control. You can produce what you want, when you want it. God limits no one, and you are free to bring to pass the desires of your heart. He, who created you, wants you to have the fullest life possible. God acts upon your decision. His mind moves upon your desire. His law accepts what you place within It. It is as easy to demonstrate evil as it is to demonstrate good. Ten minutes each day, devoted to clear purpose of good, will cause that good to appear in your world. It is that simple, yet at the same time, it is not easy. Let your good happen by contemplating it as already taking place.”

So now here’s the first treatment. As you read it pay close attention to the words and feel them originating from your heart, and going to that place in you that God resides.

“I now lift my vision and look to God alone for the answer to my every problem. As I look within and through any feeling of inferiority, I behold the all-sufficiency of God. This real self reveals my adequacy under all circumstances. The dignity and serenity of God fills my whole being with an inner awareness of absolute equality with all men. I release all thought of comparison of myself with others; I refuse to think disparagingly of myself or anyone else. That which I am is God individualized in me as me. Because God is all-in-all, within which everything exists, that which I need for perfect self expression-that which I need for the integration of my personality- already exists in Gods thought about me. As I now relax my body and mind, I open the door of my soul to God. There now comes to me whatever strength I require. This is God’s strength flowing in and through me, becoming the strength of my entire being.”


May God bless and protect you and…


May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable


Kelly Curtis


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