#3 More Teachings From the Profound Wisdom Traditions

“There are no differences but differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference.”

-William James


Wow. You probably had to go back and read that a little more slowly to get it, right? I did. That’s the way a lot of the material I’ve read over the years is. When I read such topics as Esoterica, Meta-Physics, Mysticism, and especially Quantum Physics, I really have to take my time to digest some of that knowledge, but it’s worth it, The truth is out there for those who seek it.

Most of the knowledge that M G Hawking – the adventurer, traveler, and writer – has gleaned from his stay in the Himalayas is quite profound but at the same time easy to understand. Here’s number three in my series of his writings:

“Happiness is your natural birthright. Why then are so many unhappy? Unhappiness is a disordered state of mind; happiness is an ordered state of mind; there are many more disordered states than ordered states. You dwell in a disordered state by default and conditioning; you achieve ordered states by process of mind; each condition, event, situation, form and person is brought into your life by your thoughts and the images in your minds eye, which in turn arise from your deepest beliefs. The secrets of happiness are awareness and action, the exercise of energy in a way suited to a man’s nature and circumstances.”

May God bless and protect you and…


May you always be

Healthy, Happy

Safe and Comfortable


Kelly Curtis




15 comments on “#3 More Teachings From the Profound Wisdom Traditions

  1. ashok says:

    Beautiful and yes I had to read it a few times. I have read The Prophet more than 20 times and As a Man Thinketh more than 100 times 😊
    Ancient Indian sages had said : God is bliss and our native nature is bliss.

    Wishing you too : Happy and love filled life.

  2. aruna3 says:

    Beautifully written👌

  3. Wow 😵 ! Is that a tongue twister puzzle ?! 😊

  4. I, too had to read it a few times. That was fun. Some say James was a genius. Thanks for stopping by “Write Light”.

  5. Joshuto ∞ says:

    To some extent this is right ‘ ordered state of mind is happiness ‘ because we are talking about happiness with respect to unhappiness. There is ‘Eternal Happiness’ two which is beyond both and higher than two like apex of a triangle’.
    This state is beyond mind. This state cannot be brought. Once a person attains it, it is forever. This is so because mystics said that your journey as human being come to end, you have reached home.

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