Reincarnation Part One


“The soul grows by reincarnation in bodies provided bt nature, more complex, more powerful, as the soul unfolds greater and greater faculties. And so the soul climbs upward into the light eternal. And there is no fear for any child of man, for inevitably he climbs towards God.”

-Annie Besant


I’ve read much and more on the topic of reincarnation in my quest for greater spirituality. From everything I’ve gleaned on the subject I’ve come to believe in its veracity. Here’s my personal take on reincarnation: I believe we come here to learn and grow. We choose how, when, and where we come into this world. We choose our parents and life circumstances based on what we need to learn. We choose our paths to lead us that much closer to God, and each incarnation we get a bit closer. Some come into this world with harder lessons, some with easier. We may incarnate as a masle, or female, rich or poor, strong or weak, at any point on the planet. Indeed we’ve probably experienced all of these conditions and more, as we have all incarnated many times, perhaps thousands of times. Reincarnation makes more sense to me then having one chance, and blowing that chance, burning in hell for eternity. What kind of god would do that to us? Yikes.

Reincarnation; also called transmigration or rebirth, is the concept that the non-physical essence of a being starts a new life in a different body after death. It’s the central tenet of some Indian religions, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Hinduism. Some ancient Greeks believed in reincarnation, literally, entering the flesh again.

Studies by Dr. Nat Khublall have revealed some consistencies in case studies of rebirth. Some of his findings: Learning from previous lives is retained. Personality traits persist from one life to the next. Facial features tend tend to be similar, as do body types. He’s also learned that the soul changes gender only ten to twenty percent of the time.

Reincarnation is based on the law of Karma, the goal being to progress to the highest level of being, and become on with the universe, or, God. Depending on the tradition, these new existances may be human, animal, spiritual, or vegetable. The status of each new body is the result of the quality of previous lives.

About two-thirds of us world-wide believe in reincarnation. Benjamin Franklin said: “The soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this.”

Carl Jung, Jack London, Plato, are just some believers. Charles Dickens wrote of it in ‘David Copperfield’, and Napoleon told his generals he was Charlemagne reincarnated.

This is all very compelling, but doesn’t prove the existence of reincarnation. In part two of this blog to be published in two days, I’ll include case studies of rebirth that may make you a believer of you.

4 comments on “Reincarnation Part One

  1. informative and excellent

  2. nat1938 says:

    Thanks for summarising briefly the main points in my book on Reincarnation

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