Science and Religion

June 30 2019

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality, it is a profound source of spirituality.”

Carl Sagan

It’s amazing how science and spirituality tie in together. Quantum physics string theory, the law of attraction. Many and more scientists are discovering this truth. The more we learn about the universe, the more spirituality emerges.

I quote Alber Einstein –

“Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

I’ve often heard religious zealots argument for creationism dismissing all that science has learned about the universe. They dismiss Darwin’s theory of evolution; natural selection. The pseudo-scientific intelligent design argues against natural selection. They use evidence from two arguments. The first – Irreducible complexity – is the idea that biological systems shouldn’t be able to evolve by a series of small modifications to existing systems through natural selection. The second – Specified complexity – argues that some of the complex patterns seen in nature are unlikely to occur by chance.

We all know about Darwin’s natural selection: That over vast spans of time, small, random mutations change the lifeform. If the change is beneficial, that lifeform has a better chance of survival. If the change is not beneficial, the lifeform has less chance of survival, and the mutation doesn’t catch on so to speak. To these two groups of people there can only be one way. Their way. The religious believe God created it all. The scientists, that the universe and its lifeforms are evolving. Apparently, there are no religious persons with an interest in science, or any scientists that believe in God.

Honestly, has anyone thought beyond their beliefs long enough to realize that perhaps the universal intelligence that is God created the universe to evolve by natural selection? I believe that God created the creatures of this beautiful planet (including humans) to evolve but not haphazardly, relying on random mutations, but by design. If, as Darwin observed at the Galapagos Islands from the deck of the Beagle, certain creatures that were isolated evolved different features that better helped that species survive, wello, that has God written all over it.

We need to think outside the box, think things over. If you do, you might see that things that you were taught in childhood might make sense, or, just maybe, you see that something else makes more sense.

God created these beautiful minds so we could navigate the universe. Let’s not waste them.

May you always be

Healthy, happy

Safe and comfortable


Kelly Curtis

I start my quest

June 23 2019


I was raised a Catholic, well, sort of. My fathers side of the family were Catholics. My mothers, atheists. My immediate family really didn’t attend church, my fathers side – the Curtis side – did attend, my Grandmother being heavily involved with the church. The only times I attended was during school at St James Catholic. My mothers side – the McCoy side- believed once you died, that was it. It seems almost a miracle that I would end up in search of spirituality with those family backgrounds, but I did and here’s how it happened.

I always believed in God in one way or another. I never really thought God was some old man in a robe and beard, sitting on a throne suspended on clouds somewhere in space, but I knew God was out there somewhere.. My idea of God has evolved over the years. Now I believe God is simply the universe. That is, the animating force of everything. To me, God is loving, not judgemental or punishing, and if God created a hell, he’s no god of mine. God is Love.

My way of thinking about the universe started changing when I was in my twenties. I’d always been open minded, but I think I can trace when it all started changing for me to a time I was in the library. An avid reader, I was scouring the aisles for something to read. I returned to an aisle I’d been in only a minute before, and there was a book on the ledge that hadn’t been there before. Odd, no-one had been in the aisle since I’d left. I picked up the book and scanned it’s contents. I was intrigued. It was all about the afterlife, spirits, reincarnation and angels.. Well, here was something interesting. I checked it out and took it home. That book started me on a quest for knowledge. Knowledge of all things esoteric, spiritual, and scientific. I’ve come to find out that they all tie in together. Today I have read oodles of books on the subject and have many more on my kindle. I just drink this knowledge up. It doesn’t all jell with what I am coming to believe. I retain what makes sense to me and my beliefs and dismiss what doesn’t. We mustn’t let others do our thinking for us, we must weigh what we learn and decide if it makes sense to us. I’m a fifty-eight year old man now and on a quest for the truth and knowledge, and to become more spiritual, to raise my vibration, and in doing so, hopefully to help raise the vibration of the planet.

I believe I was meant to find that book in the library. It changed the way I think and opened my mind. Let’s all have open minds and positive thoughts.


May you always be –

Healthy, Happy,

Safe, and Comfortable.



Kelly Curtis